Sjournals Index

Selection Criteria

We consider the following points for indexing a journal into our ISJ:
Editorial Quality :
  • Journals must have ISSN
  • Journals must have published at-least one issue
  • Journal must be referred by member of the editorial board.
  • Journal must contain the maximum stipulated number of editorial board members.
  • Suggestions from Academic,Government,Commercial,Nonprofit,Private sources are accepted.
Technical Quality :
  • Proper presentation of online & print content.
  • Maintain the quality of the preprint process like diagrams , color.
Publishing Quality :
  • The journal must be publishing on a regular basis.
  • Continued presence of the journal’s issues is the main motto for journal indexing.
  • All published manuscripts must be online and in either pdf format
  • Journal must have Creative Common Licence.
  • Resources will be cataloged on article title level for metadata information.
  • The focus for the included journals should be on research priority.
Access Quality :
  • Journals must have separate web address.
  • Journals are of international level and must be of open access.