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Sjournals Manager

The Sjournals Manager manages the overall publishing system. This does not involve any advanced technical skills, but entails filling out web-based forms and uploading files. The Sjournal Manager does the setup for the journal, and enrolls the Editors, Section Editors, Copyeditors, Layout Editors, Proofreaders, and Reviewers.

The Sjournals Manager also has access to the journal's other management systems, and can create new Sections for the journal, edit the default set of Emails the system uses, manage the Reading Tools that are available with this journal, and see to the Journal Statistics the system can generate.

  • Basic rules for using Sjournals Manager

    - The journal should have ISSN.
    - The journal should be peer-reviewed.
    - One of the editors of the Journal should contact us ( for being included in Sjournals Manager.


With Sjournals Manager you can easily start your own journal. Scholars, institutions, conference organizers and scientific societies can all propose and launch new scientific journals.

Do you intend to start a new journal? If yes, then do let us know! Send us a proposal. We'll be back to you with their feedback within a week.

Your proposal should include a motivational letter to start a new journal together with:

1. Your CV with a list of publications and editorial experience

2. Completed new journal proposal form (Click to download journal proposal form)

Proposals should be sent to at


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