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About the Site

The Sjournals Manager manages the overall publishing system. This does not involve any advanced technical skills, but entails filling out web-based forms and uploading files. The Sjournals Manager does the setup for the journal, and enrolls the Editors, Section Editors, Copyeditors, Layout Editors, Proofreaders, and Reviewers.

The Sjournals Manager is composed of Two main sections which cover all functions of a journal:

1. Journal Management

1.1. The Five-Step Setup Process
1.2. Announcements
1.3. The Files Browser
1.4. Journal Sections
1.5. Review Forms
1.6. Languages
1.7. Masthead
1.8. Prepared Email
1.9. Reading Tools
1.10. Statistics and Reports
1.11. Payments
1.12. Subscriptions
1.13. System Plugins
1.14. Import/Export Functions
1.15. COUNTER Statistics
1.16. External Feeds
1.17. Thesis Abstracts
2. User Management
2.1. Emailing Users
2.2. Enrolling Existing Users
2.3. Show Users with No Role
2.4. Creating Users
3.5. Merge Users

Sjournals Manager Features

Sjournals Manager is an Open Journal Management system that can enable all of the operations of the editorial functions of a journal from manuscript submission to publishing.

1- The Author User Home Page
2- Editor Page
3- Section Editor Page
4- Review Home Page
5- Copyeditor Home Page
6- Layout Editor Home Page
7- Proofreader Page
8- Reader Page
9- Plagiarism Check (You must have a (paid) account with iThenticate to use this!)
10- XML Production for DOAJ, Crossref, Pubmed, etc
11- DOI Assignment (You must have a (paid) account with DOI to use this!)
12- Multi-Language Option
13- Automatic Indexing in Sjournals Index
14- Online Submission and Management of all Content
15- Subscription Module with Delayed Open Access Options
16- Comprehensive Indexing of Content Part of Global System
17- Reading Tools for Content, based on Field and Editors' Choice
18- Editors Configure Requirements, Sections, Review Process, etc
19- Complete Context-Sensitive Online Help Support
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