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  Guide to Authors

Guide to Authors of each journal describes how to prepare contribution for submission in Sjournals. We strongly recommend to the contributors to read Guide to Authors carefully before submission of their manuscripts.  

Submission of a manuscript, according to the Guide to Author will ensure that your submission will receive the attention it deserves, and also reduce the chances of delays due to improper submission. 

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript to your chosen Sjournals, view Guide to Authors by clicking on the journal title from the list below:

·         Agricultural Advances (AA)
·         Biotechnology and Bioengineering Journal (BBJ)
·         Computer Science and Technology (CST)
·         Engineering Science and Technology (EST)
·         European Journal of Economic (EJE)
·         Finance and Management Journal (FMJ)
·         Food and Nutrition Science (FNS)
·         Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
·         Journal of Livestock Production (JLP)
·         Poultry Research (PR)
·         Research Journal of Education (RJE)
·         Scientific Journal of Animal Science (SJAS)
·         Scientific Journal of Biological Sciences (SJBS)
·         Scientific Journal of Crop Science (SJCS)
·         Scientific Journal of Environmental Sciences (SJES)
·         Scientific Journal of Medical Science (SJMS)
·         Scientific Journal of Microbiology (SJM)
·         Scientific Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (SJPAS)
·         Scientific Journal of Review (SJR)
·         Scientific Journal of Veterinary Advances (SJVA)
·         Scientific Journal of Zoology (SJZ)




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